Bertolt Brecht

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دختر كوچولوي صاحبخانه از اقاي “كي ” پرسيد:

اگر كوسه ها ادم بودند با ماهي هاي كوچولو مهربانتر ميشدند؟

اقاي كي گفت:البته !اگر كوسه ها ادم بود ند

توي دريا براي ماهي هاجعبه هاي محكمي ميساختند

همه جور خوراكي توي ان ميگذاشتند

مواظب بود ند كه هميشه پر اب باشد

هواي بهداشت ماهي هاي كوچولو را هم داشتند

براي انكه هيچوقت دل ماهي كوچولو نگيرد

گاهگاه مهماني هاي بزگ بر پا ميكردند

چون كه

گوشت ماهي شاد از ماهي دلگير لذيذتر است

براي ماهي ها مدرسه ميساختند

وبه انها ياد ميدادند

كه چه جوري به طرف دهان كوسه شنا كنند

درس اصلي ماهيها اخلاق بود

به انها مي قبولاند ند

كه زيبا ترين و باشكوه ترين كار براي يك ماهي اين است

كه خودش را در نهايت خوشوقتي تقد يم يك كوسه كند

به ماهي كوچولو ياد ميداد ند كه چطور به كوسه ها معتقد باشند

وچه جوري خود را براي يك اينده زيبا مهيا كنند

اينده يي كه فقط از راه اطاعت به دست مياييد

اگر كوسه ها ادم بودند

در قلمروشا ن البته هنر هم وجود داشت

از دندان كوسه تصاوير زيبا ورنگارنگي مي كشيدند

ته دريا نمايشنامه ييروي صحنه مياوردند كه در ان ماهي كوچولو هاي قهرمان

شاد وشنگول به دهان كوسه ها شير جه ميرفتند

همراه نمايش اهنگهاي محسور كننده يي هم مينواختند كه بي اختيار

ماهيهاي كوچولو را به طرف دهان كوسه ها ميكشاند

در انجا بي ترديد مذهبي هم وجود داشت

كه به ماهيها مي ا موخت

“زندگي واقعي در شكم كوسه ها اغاز ميشود”































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I found myself crying during the midnight. I found myself desperate. I found my mom´s voice cold, my sister´s frightened.

I found the people in my country frightened. I found their lives lost. I found mine forgotten.

There was just tears and ashes. run all the streets and shout at all the closed doors. my stomach hurts. life is painful . barriers are long.

Tehran May Day Protests Turned into Violence: 150 Labors and Social Activists Including Campaign Members were Arrested

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Source: Change for Equality
Saturday 2 May 2009

Change for equality: Six members of One Million Signatures Campaign were arrested during and after a peaceful demonstration on Friday which was held in Park Laleh to celebrate May 1st , the international workers day. The police forces attacked the demonstrators even before they started saying their slogans. Some viewers have claimed that the police attack has led to bloody faces of demonstrators.

Amir Yaghoubali, Nikzad Zanganeh, Taha Valizadeh, Pouria Poshtareh, Kaveh Mozaffari and Jelveh Javaheri are among the arrested ones. Reports are saying that more than 150 others were arrested during the protest. Some were sent to Evin prison, and some are spending nights at different police custodies around the city.

While the families of the arrested campaign members were pursuing the situation of their beloved boys and girls, security forces rushed into the houses of Amir Yaghoubali, Kaveh Mozaffari. After a two hour investigation, the security forces seized computers, books, CDs and private notes of these campaign members. Jelveh Javahri’s mother, who awaited at Vozara Custody – where her girl is now detained – says: “I had the key. When I entered my house I saw them putting anything available into some sacks. They took everything, even Jelveh’s and Kaveh’s university diplomas. They told my daughter to go with them to answer some simple questions. But my girl resisted. She told them that they must have a legal order to arrest her. So the security forces called, three big men came and took Jelveh with themselves with the use of force and violence. Kaveh was made to have handcuffs. I told them that you are putting handcuffs on the hands of freedom.”

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Committee of Celebration of May 1st, and some workers of Iran Khodro Co., are among the numerous groups which have condemned the brutal and fierce action of intelligent forces, beside insisting on the basic rights of workers to hold peaceful demonstrations.

The Girls…

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Kenny Weng-The End
Kenny Weng-The End

میخواندند. درست مثل ما که در حیاط پیش دانشگاهی یستردی می خواندیم


شاید نه با آن جدیتی که بر همه زندگی ما سایه گسترده بود، وشاید نه با آن عشقی که ما آزادی را به واسطه اش دریافته بودیم

دور شدند، همانقدر که دور بودند

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قوز بالای قوز


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Agitprop poster, 1920s, to Udarnik
Agitprop poster, 1920s, to Udarnik


Mayakovsky, 1930:

It’s deep into the night. You must have gone to bed.
The Milky Way lit up in celebration.
No need to rush. I have no reasons left
to stir you with the lightning of communications.
So to say, the incident dissolved.*
The love boat smashed against reality.
We’re even. And we should absolve
mutual hurts, grudges and anxieties.
What eerie silence, as if the world went numb.
The sky bequeathed to us its constellations.
In moments like these I’d like to be the one
with centuries, and history and the creation.

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for the rope to break….